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"My employees are always complaining about WiFi."

"We have dead zones everywhere!"

"I'm tired of do-it-yourself solutions."

 "I'm tired of rebooting routers."

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Our goal is simple: great connectivity throughout your entire property.  The process works. And bringing in profesional help on something as critical as your WiFi infrastructure will pay great dividends.  


If the do-it-yourself route has left you frustrated and left your team unproductive, then maybe it's time to get help!  


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If you have a WiFi networking problem, we can help. Take a second to "schedule a site visit" below and we will come out and take a look at your network.   If you just have questions,  give us a call!

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Our entire company is dedicated to one thing--providing the best possible network solution for your home or office. We install, manage, and remotely support  advanced networks for clients like you all over Dallas and Forth Worth. 


We provide the network design,  installation expertise, and remote management capabilities to give you the right solution for your environment. 


Here's a  look at our 5-step  process to delivering a great WiFi network...

wifi solutions.






It all begins with a thorough review of your site, building materials, constraints, nearby networks, and the layout of the home or office . We also want to understand the likely high traffic areas.

We take a data-driven approach to network design. Once we have the details from the site assessment then we can begin mapping out the network design for your space to ensure optimum coverage throughout.​

Our 10+ years of experience helps ensure you get a professional and efficient installation.  We have dealt with almost every unforeseen issue possible and are extremely cautious when on site.​

After the installation is complete, we have our quality team review and test the network to ensure the goals that were set in the network design have been met or exceeded. We also test all devices that are present to ensure proper connectivity.​

One of the most valuable parts of our offering is our annual maintenance and network monitoring plan. We are there, behind the scenes watching over your network, doing hardware and software updates, and ensuring everything is working properly.​


"bandera was Very quick and responsive. They definitely know their stuff when it comes to networking. Extremely helpful and didn't try to sell us things we didn't need."

- Todd, southlake, tx


"I would absolutely recommend these guys any day of the week!  Fast, fair, honest, intelligent and friendly."​

- Diana w., addison, tx

Bandera Networks installs and manages professional  WiFi networks in  DFW. 

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